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Caligae Hobnails
I am making a pair of caligae and have reached the hobnail part. I was going to choose a pattern after the one in B&C 2 pg 112.

On this page, caligae A and C have only a few nails in what will be the inner part of the caligae sole. Is this because the hobnails are missing or because they were not purposely placed there.

I saw that Martin Mosher used a similar pattern but used hobnails all the way around and did not leave the spaces as per B&C 2.

I know that there are several patterns and that those are not the only ones. I was just curious as to any opinions.

Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.
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I use a pattern found on a tile in Nijmegen, which also have a 'space' without nails in the middle of the sole. I found this more comfortable then the previous set of caligae I had with nails all over the sole, as it give you just some more flexibility during walk.
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A lot depends on whether the hobnails are a structural part of the sole of the shoe, or if the shoe could work without them. If it's structural, that is, the nails hold the sole to the upper, it might not be best to leave too many large spaces around the perimeter.
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The hobnail patterns in Stepping through Time classes as being particular for the Vindolanda boot worn by the Batavians show that all three patterns have large spaces on the inner part of the sole, and hobnailed Heavily around the perimeter.
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Caligae finds show quite a range of nailing patterns. Those in RME are certainly good to use, arguably especially for the 1st half of the 1st cent AD. The pattern was also found at Kalkriese as reported by van Driel-Murray. Later finds (around 80 AD from the Netherlands and Britain) show different patterns.
Sorry I have not replied to you guys.

Thanks for the information. Now I can begin putting hobnails on my caligae.

I will post when they are finished.
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