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Gill Backhouse
I am posting this from an email I received today... Posts only from friends that knew Gill please (at the request of LEG VIII AVG)

Unfortunately Gill Backhouse, formerly of the 8th Augusta, (UK) passed away in her sleep on Friday night.

There will be a cremation in France on Tuesday, and a service in Wales after - at this time the time and date is unknown by me.
My deepest sympathy to John, Nick the family and the rest of the extended family within LEG VIII AVG MGV, on behalf of myself and all of Deva Victrix.
Mark Downes/Mummius

Cent Gittus, COH X. LEG XX. VV. Deva Victrix

"Don\'\'\'\'t threaten me with a dead fish!" - Withnail
Deepest Sympathy to all the family and the VIII
Sad to hear of your loss.

\\" I just need something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live.\\" Q.O.T.S.A

Gary Rodwell
aka Gaius Longius Deva Victrix Chester Garrison
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Quote:There was a lovely service in the village church in St Mars sur Colmont, followed by a cremation in Mayenne. It was attended by family and a vast number of French and Ex-pat friends from the local area. There are plans for a remembrance service at the village church in Bryneglwys, near Cowen in North Wales, probably this coming Sunday. I will let you know when I have confirmed details.
Robin Brown
I am so sorry not to have posted here before. I remember Gill well and was shocked to hear of her death. Some of the best times I remember from the last ten years were parties I attended at John and Gill's house in Bryneglwys. I loved her enthusiasm and humour and I will miss her. I hope John is alright and has someone there for him.

With sadness,

(Paul Geddes)
Who is called \'\'Paul\'\' by no-one other than his wife, parents and brothers. :!: <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_exclaim.gif" alt=":!:" title="Exclamation" />:!:

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We, in Romans Ireland, made our first contact with Jill when Leg VIII AVG MGV Joined with us for our first public event at Duncannon fort Ireland in June 2006.
We got great support, advice and encouragement,from Gill, and since then I have always felt almost part of the family.
We all will miss her, and send our prayers and support to John, Nick, and Nell, and indeed all in the VIII.
Vale, Gaius Antinius Salis Aka( Joseph Saleh)



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Salvete Omnes!

I have been looking at this post for quite a while, wondering if it was appropriate to add my comment, and even if so, what would I say?

I first met Jill at the Duncannon show in June 2006. I found her to be a very strong woman with a very definite sense of what Roman re-enactment was all about. At one point she warned me "You can't wear those glasses when in Roman dress!" - A true professional - I'm sure she pulled me up on several other deficiencies as well!

She had faced some difficulties in her life that not everyone else would have overcome, but true to her strong spirit she overcame them and marched on to set an example to others, me included.

Of course it's John, Nick and Nell that have to gather the strength to move on with their lives now, not an easy thing. I would like to offer you, John, Nick and Nell every sympathy at this time, but also to say, how lucky you were to have had such a positive and supportive woman in your lives, God bless you all.

Legion Ireland - Roman Military Society of Ireland
Legionis XX Valeria Victrix Cohors VIII

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