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John Dore
Sadly it is time to mark the death of my friend and colleague John Dore at the age of only 56.

[Image: thumb_john.jpg]

It was he who introduced me to, and instilled a love for, Roman Corbridge (he had the unique distinction of co-directing the excavations there before the new museum was built and then going on to be the first curator!). He will doubtless be remembered for many different things by many different people, but for me it was hours sitting in the museum basement doing some mindless cataloguing task moaning about archaeology and archaeologists, setting the world to rights, and marvelling at the wonder of Corbridge. Each of us would show the other stuff we had found in the reserve collection that was in some way special - at times it was almost enough to make me interested in pottery - and laugh at the inanities of the whole wretched business. I cherish the memory of him telling me about the time he was overtaken on the motorway by the caravan he was supposed to be towing on his way to a dig.

He was one of the nicest, most gentle and generous people I knew. And I shall miss him.

Mike Bishop
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I didn't know him, but knew of his work in pottery. Very sorry to hear the news Sad
I knew John from working with him in Pompeii where he was in charge of the pottery team. This past summer John, myself and two other colleagues drove from Pompeii to Eboli to look at the fantastic museum there. From Eboli we continued on to Paestum where we had a long lunch with the Greek temples in the background. I remember how much John enjoyed that trip and how enthusiastic he was about the things we had seen that day. John was a great guy, easy going with a brilliant sense of humour and a great passion for archaeology. I know he will be missed very much by everyone on that project. Very great loss indeed
I missed this one last week. I didn't know John, but I commiserate with his friends and colleagues.

Who will do the coarse ware now?! Sad
posted by Duncan B Campbell
The Independent has a good obituary.
Robert Vermaat
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(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
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I am sorry I did not see this earlier.

I, too would like to add my commiserations and mourn his loss.

(Paul Geddes)
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