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Michael Wm Kasner
I thought some of you who knew him might like to know.

Mike Kasner, Co-founder of Legio II Augusta, possibly the first roman
reenactment unit in Pacific Northwest, and our beloved leader has
passed on. He went quickly with humor, class and no fear. It is safe
to say he leaves a large group of people around the world with a
hollow place in their lives. I for one miss him already. The impact
he had in my life will be with me until my own last breath.

Mike was one of the people who kept encouraging me to continue with metal working and armour reproduction. He was an extensive weapons collector and before his death was working on reproducing his collection and selling those reproductions via
His bronze age weapons reproduction work will continue to move for ward through me.

Mike also was a novelist and ghost wrote many Stoney Man, Mac Bolan novels and had his own series of books, War keep, and black ops. I think the count was around 52 novels one last one set in the bronze age waiting to be published.

He will be missed. Rest assured his life will be forever celebrated by his friends.

Dean C.
Sorry to hear of this Dean, seems like he had a good vision for the bronze reproductions! May he Rest in Peace.
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Byron Angel
Thanks, Dean.

Laura and I were really shaken by news of Mike's passing.

I remember his whip-smart humor, his sensitivity, his really great Roman gear, and the amazing collection of warplane recognition models hanging from the ceiling of his den.

Mike was a presence. He was a mentor--even in some ways to me, who honestly wasn't close to him, but for whom he modeled the importance of taking things seriously and NOT taking things seriously.

I still remember the barbecue for the LEG II AUG guys at his house, with you and me and him and the cheerful fellow who brought several cases of PBX beer. It was a beautiful sunny day in Portland, before we moved away to Texas.

I am glad you were there with him Dean. I know he thought the world of you.

I'll grieve for. . . a while now. Mike was a sweet, kind soul.

There is a hole, now.


I've attached some pics I think Mike would be proud of. Some of him, some of you, some of the gear.

Michael Sweet, Ph.D.
Viking Invasion [url:31zephj0][/url]
Thanks Mike.

It will be our first season and first meeting with out our founder and one of my best friends.

Thanks for your kind thoughts. We are thinking about you guys here.

Quote:Mike also was a novelist and ghost wrote many Stoney Man, Mac Bolan novels

Woah- I used to read Mac Bolan when I was 12 or 13; well it's good to hear you're keeping his work going Dean and hopefully he and Hephaestus are now sitting together trading stories :wink:
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