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Paul is now in Hellysium
This is terrible news Confusedhock: As many I knew him only from his posts, but even then you get the feeling to know a person in some way. It's terrible to loose such a man.

As many I wished to meet him some day, all that rest me now are my condolences to his family and friends Cry
a.k.a. Daan Vanhamme
Very sad news indeed. My condolences to all who knew Paul.
Sulla Felix

AKA Barry Coomber

I am always sorry to hear that someone has passed away from this world.
I hope, he now gets the kind of afterlive he would have liked to stay in.

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A Lyra is basically an instrument to accompaign pyromanic city destruction.
I also offer my condolensis! I didn´t know Paul in person but I have friends who did and they are just crushed over his departure. My thoughts for the family!
I've just heard the shocking news, it's terrible. We only knew each other by email, but I will miss him.
My greatest condolences to his family and friends.
Kallimachos a.k.a. Kurt

Athina Itonia
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This sucks, I just got back from a week-end excursion to find this terrible news. All the best to his family, I really enjoyed what Paul had to say on this forum as a moderator and a member.

I'll miss his posts, and his personality greatly.
Du Courage Viens La Verité

Legion: TBD
Like most people on RAT I have never met Paul. Paul and I did exchange a number of e-mails, and he was most thoughtful in sending me things of interest. He was a gentleman and scholar in every sense of the word.

His passing was most unfortunate. More than most, he left the world a better place for his efforts, and he did enjoy doing so.

With great regrets,
Ralph Izard
provided by Giannis K. Hoplite :
My friends,this is sad news about our friend and co-reenactor Paul
Allen.The following message is from his wife Sharon

> Dear Friends,
> Please pass this to all who knew Paul.
> I have to tell you that my beloved husband Paul,died
> yesterday(Thursday). He died as he lived, doing what he loved.
> It was a freak accident jousting. A shard of wood from the shatter
> lance got through the eyeslit and entered his brain. He never regained
> conciousness and so did not suffer. He went peacefully surrounded by
> his family and love from all directions.
> God gave him to me for twenty glorious years , but now his time with
> us is over. I praise God for his extraordinary life and thank him for
> giving him an end that Paul would have wanted.

> Love to you all

> Sharon
Giannis K. Hoplite

Jeroen Pelgrom
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I would rather have fire storms of atmospheres than this cruel descent from a thousand years of dreams.
Good bye Paul.See you soon.
[Image: PaulAllen.jpg]
Giannis K. Hoplite
a.k.a.:Giannis Kadoglou
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I am terribly sorry to hear about Paul's passing. Cry Not only was he a great contributor to RomanArmyTalk's Greek forum, as the promoter of the International Ancient Greek Festival Paul brought Greek re-enactment to a new dimension.

I will never forget the little battle Paul and I had after the first kid vs adult battle during the Festival last year.

My condolences to his family and his friends.

[size=75:wtt9v943]Susanne Arvidsson

I have not spent months gathering Hoplites from the four corners of the earth just to let
some Swedish pancake in a purloined panoply lop their lower limbs off!
- Paul Allen, Thespian

[Image: partofE448.jpg]
Quote:I too only knew Paul from RAT where he was a stable and dedicated member of our Greek section. I am very sorry to hear about his passing and my thoughts are with his friends and family. RAT is a poorer place without him.
I could not have said this better. I am sorry to hear this sad news. My thoughts are for his family.
Jona Lendering
Relevance is the enemy of history
My website
God be with your family Paul you were always kind to answer my questions. You died like a true warrior!
"...quemadmodum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."

a.k.a. Paul M.
We all at Athenea Promakhos are deeply sorrow for this terrible loss.
We had the luck of forming with him at the phalanx when he came to Spain to join us at Tarraco Viva.
Although he only spent a couple of days by us we where impressed by his vast knowledge, desire to of helping us and goodmanhood, we are very impressed.

Paul, for sure well meet again, taking the spear embracing the shield and forming in the phalanxs.

"Amor patriae nostra lex"
Been out of the loop and only just heard about Paul's tragic accident.

I met paul years ago and recently renewed our aquaintance through the Vicus. A fine, honourable man and the world is demiished by his passing.

My thoughts go out to his family and will raise a glass to him at the weekend with others who knew him.

May he rest in peace.
By request of Graham and Robert, a picture of Paul as a hoplite.
Sad news indeed. Sad

[Image: PaulAllenhoplite2.jpg]
Andreas Baede

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