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New recruits

My name is Julian, and I am from the UK. I have been a lurker on this forum for many years, but never really engaged with it, simply reading it silently. Thought now was a good a time as ever!

I have always been interested in the Roman Empire, particularly the Late Roman Empire. I have decided to try my hand at a novel, based around happeningsĀ in the late 4th century A.D. While I know a lot from various sources and my own research, I still have a ton of questions (don't we all?) and so look forward to meeting you all and discussing various things on this forum!

Julian M. Silva Cross
Hi All,
Sjoerd here from The Netherlands.
I moved a couple of years ago to an interesting area in the middle of The Netherlands, just south of Utrecht. I am now slowly getting familiar with the Roman history here as my residence is right on the Limes (and in the New Dutch Waterline).

At the moment I am reading a lot about Roman history. And what is more fun than reading about it? Talking about it!

Hope to learn a lot here!

P.S. can a mod help me create a signature?
Im Rob drummer in "Cirith Ungol" and love everything Italian. I was a member here but so long ago my info was lost, so I rejoined!

I collected a roman soldier outfit and wearing it tonight!

You're recording a new album and we wrote a song based on the Roman slave ship scene in the movie Ben Hur. It was my idea and I'm trying to convey the feeling of the drummer on the slave ship counting the beads to make the slaves row!

I love Italian cars but I've never been to Italy which is my dream. We were supposed to play there last year but it got canceled because of the pandemic!

Hello there,

Name is Joe, I am pleased to join this community, here are the answers:

Where are you from?
I'm from Birmingham, UK.

How did you become interested in Rome?
I became interested in Rome during my studies in college while taking a course on ancient civilizations. I found Roman history and culture fascinating, and I've been reading and watching documentaries on the topic ever since.

Why are you here?
I joined this forum to connect with other people who share my passion for Roman history. I'm interested in engaging in discussions, learning from others, and sharing my own knowledge and perspectives.

Do you re-enact, are you a student, an academic professional, or..?
I'm a student of history with a specific interest in ancient civilizations, including Rome. I'm not a re-enactor, but I hope to become an academic professional in the future and contribute to the field of historical research and knowledge.

Hi guys, I need your help!

I am doing research for a fictional book and need a great name for the main character.
He is a common legionaire from Legio II Augusta and an active part of the british invasion.

I want him to have a real name, so I am looking for either great suggestions or a list of actual soldiers that were apart of the invasion.

Fellow enthusiasts can you help me?

Best regards,

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