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Corbridge A Breastplates - to cross or not cross diagonally?
I'm right in the middle of preps for a big event so I don't have the time to do the full research yet but this needs more looking at. :x

Matt makes a very strong case, but there are still some nagging points which seem to be echoed by Ambrosius. These basically come down to 'common sense' but should be considered. Before anybody shouts theres no historical evidence, do remember that as humans we apply commom sense/logic when recostructing from finds all the time otherwise we'd just have lumps of rusty metal.

I follow Matt's points, and agree that the lie of the crossing plates would not unduly expose the neck. but look at the angles and overlap at the bottom of the chest plates. This is unecessary and out of step with all of the rest of the plates which are parallel (if overlapping with each other). From a logical point of view this shold be reshaped to parallel the girth plates.

Ambrosius backs up my point about the buckles. Sulla, if you consider an A, then both the lateral (chest the chest) and vertical buckles (chest to girdle) would be stressed (and Matt is showing an angle of about 30 degrees). Whilst the leather would take this curve, this isn't the weak point. The point of highest stress is the brass hinged buckle fitting. Based on this angle and the thickness of brass used on the originals I would suggest that a contemprary piece would be lucky to last 6 months before these hinges failed and required repair.

A couple of points I will be checking (when I get an hour or so) the positioning of the rivet holes on the shoulder, mid neck and chest plates from the Corbridge hoard. The reported level of wear on the buckle hinges.

A final thought in regard of historical evidence; What is the context of the finds (in service armour, defcetive poorly designed copies, apprentice c**k ups) will we ever know?
Mark Downes/Mummius

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