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HELP!?!?! Before I snap and break something...
Which Roman family are you playing at the minute? If you are still the Scipii definatly take Carthage and enslave them It's great for your economy, Egypt Is also a great moneymaker.
If you encounter elephants just attack them with fire arrows and they will run amok fairly quickly, and generally run into their own troops. As for phalanxes space your men widely apart during the deployment phase and set them to fire at will. Then when they attack you wheel around the flanks and they will soon rout. This Is made easier If you put your weaker infantry in the center and the heavy infantry on the flanks.
Cavalry auxilia are very useful also If you take them around the flanks of the phalanxes and have them throw their spears into their backs and this will kill alot more than If you shoot from the front.
Dave Bell/Secvndvs

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