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German speaker needed for project
As many of you know, at we have begun publishing an online translation of a classic Roman army reference, the encyclopedia entry entitled "LEGIO" by Emil Ritterling.<br>
Ritterling's work, now out of copyright, was heretofore available only in German, but through the volunteer efforts of many R.A.T. members, we're steadily translating each section of the lengthy article.<br>
To this point, my partner Jasper Oorthuys has been doing all the coordinating work -- soliciting Germanophone translators, sending text sections out and receiving them back for English proofreading. Now Jasper needs someone to help with basic HTML formatting and getting the text ready for uploading to our site.<br>
We are looking for a project partner who is conversant in English, can read academic German, and has a basic knowledge of HTML.<br>
If you are interested, please inquire to Jasper [email protected] or myself [email protected] .<br>
Jenny <p></p><i></i>
Founder, Roman Army Talk and

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German speaker needed for project - by JRSCline - 05-21-2004, 11:33 AM

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