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Accurate but affordable custom helmet?
I have a White Rose Imperial Gallic 'F'. It is actually my helmet that is shown in the link to White Rose, listed as WRH11(3), although nearly two decades later it no longer looks quite so pristine. It is made in three parts (neck guard and the bowl in two halves). They did tell me when I bought it (nearly twenty years ago now) that they could do them in one piece but would need to charge around double the amount for the extra time and effort involved. I bought it then for £295 but I think the price is now somewhere around £550. The join of the neck guard to the bowl is invisible from the outside and the mig-welding which joins the two halves is very well done (the only member of the public who has ever noticed [as far as I know] that it is made from two halves tuned out to be a metalurgical chemist). I do have to make sure that the join is well rust proofed though, as it tends to rust faster then the rest of the helmet when it gets wet, making the join obvious. The chaps at White Rose have an original copy of Robinson, which they use as a pattern book. If you wanted a copy of a helmet which has been published since 1975 therefore, you would need to send them pictures of it from several angles.

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RE: Accurate but affordable custom helmet? - by Crispvs - 03-16-2019, 12:09 PM

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