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Use of skirmisher weapons
In regards to the range of the Sling, Larry Bray managed to hurl a 52gram ovoid rock 437 meters in the 1980's, but he later mentioned that it was quite possible that with a clay or lead projectile he could have extended that range further. With biconical/almond-shaped projectiles from clay or lead it is possible to impart a rifle-esque spin on the projectile by twisting the wrist on a throw which would likely increase the range, and the better aerodynamic characteristics of uniformly manufactured ammunition would likely have an impact on long-distance throws.

Xenophon mentions that the Rhodian slingers in his army could reach to ranges of ~400 meters, whilst the range of the Persian slingers was said to be about half that due to the usage of egg-to-fist sized stones that are probably heavier than 100 grams. Sling range can be reduced by using heavier stones and by inexperienced users, as novice slingers would probably have average throws of roughly ~30-40 m/s whilst professional slingers would likely have average throws of ~50-70 m/s, with variances based on the size of the projectile and on the length of the sling.

In regards to effective range, I would guess that this would be variable and depends on various factors. Against well-armoured and well equipped soldiers the effective range might have been ~40-50 meters, similar to the effective range of warbows, crossbows and javelins throughout history et cetera. Against lighter-equipped troops who might only have a helmet and shield et cetera, the effective range could well have been 200 yards (182 meters)

I would highly recommend visiting for more information, as there are users on that site who have far more experience and information than me.

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