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Creating a Fulham Scabbard With Reprousse~ Plates
I am Creating a Fulham Scabbard With Reprousse~ Plates for a client for the latest sword I have made.  You can see the videos, and the pictures describing what I am doing on my Facebook Page: Master Carver and Maritime Artist Patrick B. Pointer.  I figured with all of the pictures and the videos, it would be best to keep it all there.

You might also want to "Like" my Page... I do free Give-Aways from time to time for my members.

Also... I will be changing all of my information as I am beginning to go into Sword and Scabbard Making Full Time.  I am currently doing the artwork, webpage, stamps for my swords etc. and will be unveiling it all soon.

Join me on my Facebook page and follow the creating of this scabbard.


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Creating a Fulham Scabbard With Reprousse~ Plates - by Pointer - 09-01-2017, 08:03 PM

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