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How to Get into Re-Enactment and Reconstruction
Hey all!
So a year ago I downloaded a game called "Total War Rome 2: Emperor Edition" and was forever changed. After being fascinated by the history of the Roman Republic and Empire, I started buying books and researching all I could about Rome and its interactions with her neighbors(soon to be provinces XD). I have been saving money up for a while now, and have been looking to get into re-enacting and getting familiar with other people who share my passion and interest in Rome. I live in the San Diego area in California, and was wondering how I should get into re-enacting and what Roman re-enacting groups there are in my area, as I haven't found much. I would like to buy(or create if I could) Roman military equipment as well as civilian attire and equipment. I was wondering where I should buy such things, and furthermore find people who I can interact with, for the Romans don't fight by themselves, they fight together as a unified, cohesive army. Also, for the equipment, I want something that I can actually use and be as durable as actual Roman armor used in ancient times. I am planning to buy a display case for the equipment and would love to know some tips on maintaining my equipment and finding a re-enactment group I can join. Thanks for reading this post, and I hope to learn more about Roman history as well as re-enact it in today's time. 

Hope to see you soon at a re-enactment!
P.S. BTW I have had people tell me I can't re-enact because I am Korean-American(although tbh American first) and therefore wouldn't "fit in place" in a re-enactment. I do believe the Romans used auxiliary units and did recruit people of Middle Eastern and Asian heritage to a degree. Am I allowed to re-enact or should I just buy the equipment and re-enact in private? Thanks and if you know of any good re-enactments in California, please tell me! I'd love to attend one and meet people who also have an interest and passion in Rome!

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How to Get into Re-Enactment and Reconstruction - by scottk100 - 01-06-2017, 12:10 PM

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