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Familia Gladitore in Southern CA
Hey all. Legion VI/IX will be starting a Gladiator troupe this year to feild an authentic, accurate display of gladiatorial games at Ft Mac July 2016 as well as Tournament of the Phoenix in Poway Oct 2016. We're looking to field approx 4-5 pairs of gladiators for a 15-20 min block of time, maybe 30 min per show, two shows a day. We have some ideas about presentation and execution but would like some input from experienced fraters about what works, what looks good, and what doesnt work, etc...
These are our pairings:
Secutor/ Retiarus
Provocator/ Provocator
Murmillo/ Hoplomacus
Mumillo/ Thraex
Diamacherus/ retiarius
Christian from AER has been an excellent source of information so far.
appreciate any/all input
John Watkins
" Medicvs"

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Familia Gladitore in Southern CA - by CM Demetrivs Medicvs - 02-08-2016, 05:40 PM

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