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New Start, looking for information and advice.
Greetings all!

Finally got round to signing up and joining in with the community instead of lurking in the shadows. I’ve done a lot of searching around the forums looking for people’s opinions on manufacturers that would be suitable for what I want to do already, but I thought I would post to get your opinions.

Basically, I have been involved in Airsoft for a good many years now and my local site has decided to delve into the realms of ancient/medieval style warfare with LARP weapons. Unlike LARP, the idea here is realism and combat focus with some areas for reenactment between games.
A group of us have opted to go down the Roman route as we love the history of the Roman Empire and would love to portray that in an accurate way (as far as running around dressed as a Roman with a LARP sword goes).

While our weapons will be LARP based, we want our equipment to be reasonably accurate as far as finance goes. I can’t see us being reenactors any time soon but it has been discussed, so we want to make a really good effort here. The timeline we’re looking at is around 40-120 AD or later.
I have compiled the following list below of items I have done some research on. Below that I have also listed some items I would love to hear your opinions on. I’ve even numbered them for easy reference!

1.0 - Armour

1.1 - Segmentata Armour (Deepeeka) - £135

Deepeeka seems to be the go to armour for many, and for the price it seems very reasonable. I’ve been in touch with them recently about “larger” sets of Segmentata because I’m a good bit larger than the average person and they seem very happy to accommodate.

1.2 - Imperial Gallic Helmet (Deepeeka) - £70

Again, Deepeeka seems like a good choice, but I’m always open to other ideas.

1.3 - Gallic H Centurion Helmet (Deepeeka) - £125

Helmet for our Centurion to be.

2.0 - Clothing

2.1 - Quilted Subarmalis (Armamentaria) - £85

Subarmalis, from what I can gather, is very open ended

2.2 - Roman Socks Udones Nalbinding (Unknown) - £22

I live in Scotland... it gets cold.

3.0 - LARP Section

Ok, this section is a little less interesting for some of you. Sadly we can’t use some of the gorgeous metal weaponry I’ve seen here.

3.1 - Shield (Forgotten Dreams) - £188 (ouch!)

Very expensive in comparison to a lot of other types, but it looks pretty good for a LARP design.

3.2 - Gladius (Forgotten Dreams) - £55

Still no idea where I will find a Scabbard for this.

Alternatively -

4.0 - Additional Items

I would love to hear your opinions about or to provide me with alternatives.

4.1 - Caligaes

You will need to scroll down the page here to the Adult Kit. I think they look alright for the price. Really struggling to find a decent set, especially with size 11.5UK.

4.2 - Red Tunic

With regards to the Tunic, I’m at a total loss. I see posts about which ones to avoid, but none that really gives me an idea of what to go for. I understand there is variations in design, some with sleeves, and some without. The ideal one for us, if it’s a real design, would be short sleeved.

4.3 - Belt

Again, I would appreciate your help in finding suitable belts here. I see a lot of cool designs, but I’m at a loss on the realism.

Any help you could provide would be much appreciated. I have set an estimated budget of around £700 per person. Obviously cheaper is better and with 6 of us as it stands, I’m hoping to see if companies would provide group discounts.

The one thing I learned from my Airsofting days is the philosophy of buy cheap, buy twice. While we do have a budget we’re trying to work to, I would rather spend an extra £20 or £50 for an item that would last better.

Thank you very much for reading. I look forward to hearing from you. :-)



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