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Roman helmet - Opocno castle, Czech republic

I just thought I should bring your attention to a probably not very well known Roman helmet, which is currently held at the Opocno castle in the Czech republic.

The helmet is part of a collection of old weapons, which was assembled by the Colloredo-Mansfeld family (previous long-time owners of the castle). The helmet was allegedly bought in 1927 in Vienna from the estate of the fabricant and collector Josef Salzer. Nothing more is known about the helmet's origin.

It is the Weisenau or Imperial Gallic C type. The eyebrows are a bit atypical, but similar can be seen on this helmet in private collection (previously displayed in Carnuntum), this helmet again in private collection (previously in Axel Guttmann's collection), and on this helmet found in Klakar, which is now in the Archaeological museum in Zagreb. The cheek guards also look quite atypical to me, but I'm far from being an expert, so if you have already seen similar cheek guards, I would be grateful for more info. According to the castle staff the two rivets above the left cheek guard are later additions, but those above the the right cheek guard seem to be authentic.

Pictures of the Opocno helmet are below.

Kind regards,


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Roman helmet - Opocno castle, Czech republic - by Alexandr K - 08-27-2013, 07:25 AM

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