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A paper on pre-Caesarian Roman-Celtic wine trade
Hello fellow RAT'ers,

At this moment I am following a course in food and drink in the Ancient World at Leiden University. We have to write a paper to complete the course and I have chosen the wine trade between the Romans and Celts as my subject. The next hurdle is finding enough sources. Does anyone have any thoughts toward well-researched general literature on Celtic food and drink and Celtic society in Gallia as a whole?
As for Roman sources I already have an eye on Caesar's Bello Gallico, Pliny's Natural history and Diodorus of sicily. Tacitus will probably also feature.
It is the archeological evidence though where my greatest weakness lies. Are there any good works on archeological finds of amphorae or other traces of wine trade in Gallia?

Thank you very much!
I will keep you posted with all progress.

with regards,

Hans Nielsen

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A paper on pre-Caesarian Roman-Celtic wine trade - by Hans Nielsen - 09-26-2012, 07:50 PM

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