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Battle Orders \"Roman Sparta\" sword
It certainly is generous, thanks Mithras!

I'm going to keep looking around but so far I've basically found the Deepeeka versions, the "Sparta" (still makes me giggle) and others like it: apparently fairly mass-produced. I've also found an assortment of mouthwateringly beautiful swords that I can't afford! The best compromise, in terms of being individually made but within (or not too far outside) my budget, is by
Paul Binns: towards the bottom of the page. Not convinced by the metal handle but I've asked him about custom versions.

Out of interest, I've seen some with fullers and some without. Is one a horrific no-no?

EDIT: having looked some more I now understand what is meant by a slide. I had been imagining some sort of mechanical device...

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Re: Battle Orders \"Roman Sparta\" sword - by Dan Sawyer - 11-12-2011, 02:52 AM

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