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Balteus construction questions...

Before I complete construction of my balteus, I had a couple of questions that weren't really answered by the articles I found:

1) How thick is too thick for the belt? Most of the advice I've read basically says if it's too thick, it won't fit through the buckle. Mine does (Pic #2), but it still seems a little beefy. How's this? (Pic #1) I don't recall off-hand what the thickness was, but it's not the worst thing in the world if I have to make a quick run to Oregon Leather Co. to get a new one...

2)I've seen the apron strips riveted onto the belt itself, such as on the Legio XX site (, however I've also seen some aprons just loop around the belt and rivet shut (Pic #3). Is there a 'correct' method? Personally I like the loop better, because on a friend's belt the weight of the apron "pulls" the belt forward and doesn't really look attractive (Pic #4/5). Perhaps that will be remedied with a thicker belt and NOT using latigo, but if Matt's version is correct, what about the belt plates on some I've seen that run under the apron when worn? Should the strips be riveted on first, then rivet the plates on over it?

3) Is there a correct position for the buckle in regards to apron and pugio frog placement? Some belts when assembled place the buckle on the right side of the body, and others are in front, next to the apron. Is it acceptable to set the hardware so that the buckle will be displayed on the rear of the wearer instead? Is most of this not a question of 'correctness' but personal preference?

-Quintus Claudius Britanicus,
Legionnaire, LEGIIAVG





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