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Edge Gibbons -- Hasta Pura Submission (Final Post)
I made the scabbard in its entirety. To begin, I used two pieces of bass wood, pre-cut to the following dimensions: 6mm thick, 100mm wide, and 90cm long. I traced the blade shape onto the wood and then hollowed out the shape for the sword using a hammer and chisel.

Once both sides were hollowed to the correct shape, I then cut out the scabbard body using a power bandsaw and glued each side together using PVA (a compromise) to form the basic scabbard body. I then shaped the body to a lenticular shape using a rasp and then sanded it smooth with sandpaper. At this point, the wooden scabbard body complete, I started on the cover. The wooden body was covered with sheepskin, less than 1mm thick, which was hand-stitched up the front of the scabbard (and would thus be hidden later) with linen thread. This was then dyed with spirit-based dye (a compromise), leaving me with a leather-covered wooden scabbard body.

It is important to note that the sources differ at this point as to further scabbard construction. Wink states that the bronze front plates found “were originally secured to a wooden scabbard,â€
Gaius Aurelius Calvus
(Edge Gibbons)

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