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Roman artefacts coffee table book
Dont worry i found some copies on another recent thread. Big Grin

"let the die be cast "

(Stefano Rinaldo)
Well ask and you shall receive.

I and Stuart Laycock have just finished such a book after a years hard work. ... 8fd04dd290 ... s_id/10931

We have gathered together over 800 (or thereabouts!) Roman Military Fittings from several private collections (including our own) and they are reproduced within the book.

If any RAT members are interested then please let me know,and I should be able to arrange a substantial discount (dependant on numbers).


That book looks great! I'll have to have it on my wish list at least if not my library.

While not a coffee table book, there is the "Vindonissa catalog" that has a large number of finds displayed: more expensive than the above, you'll note.

Katalog der Militaria aus Vindonissa
by Christopher Unz and Eckhard Deschler-Erb

A large inventory of military equipment found at the large legionary fort at Vindonissa up to 1976, with a substantial section of illustrations showing many of the same type of artefact - eg spearheads or horse equipment - which gives a useful overview. 96p of text, 86p of b/w illus (Gesellschaft Pro Vindonissa 1997)
ISBN-13: 978-3-907549-04-9
ISBN-10: 3-907549-04-X

Hardback. Price US $145.00
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?

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