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Matt L- submission
Thanks for the nomination Jef Big Grin

Okay, according to the rules I have to post images of my reproduction pieces and information about them, so here goes. Some of these I've posted before in regular threads, but they seem appropriate for this one:

Here's a luniform balteus buckle- replica and original (from my collection). The replica matches the original closely in the varying thicknesses of metal- about 1.6mm at its thickest, less than 0.5mm at its thinnest (toward the edge). The original is a copper alloy (appears to be orichalcum [brass]) so the replica is made of modern yellow brass, annealed and hammered a LOT :lol: The base section including the hinge loop are made separately and soldered in place.

[Image: balteusbucklereplicaa9qx.jpg]

Here's a clasp eyelet possibly from a gladius baldric. The original is actually case copper alloy, but since I have no setup for casting metal, I made do with thick yellow brass, hammered and filed into the proper shape.

[Image: gladiusbaldriceyelet5zb.jpg]

This is a teardrop or heart-shaped pendant like those on a balteus' studded apron. The original appears to be made by a combination of casting and hammering. Its tip is thick and looks to have been detailed with a file, and the main body changes to become rather thin- quite so at its edges, and thick again for the hook. I made mine entirely by hammering a thickish piece of repeatedly annealed yellow brass. All the thicknesses are closely matched. The copper rivet is simply decorative as far as I can tell.

[Image: teardroppendant004a7fk.jpg]
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