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A Legionary's Life
Hello everyone! A Legionary's Life is a turn-based indie game I'm currently writing and developing. It features RPG and roguelike elements and the player character is a Roman soldier during the Second Punic War and the Second Macedonian War. The game starts when young Scipio and his reinforcements disembark in Spain in 210 BC. There's a free demo available which covers the first three years of the campaign.

As this forum includes plenty of extremely competent people, I'm interested in any feedback and suggestions you may provide.

[Image: combat1vs1_new.png] [Image: shop.png]
I'm happy to announce that A Legionary's Life entered Early Access on Steam.

Now the game is playable until right before the Second Macedonian War.

It is an interesting concept but I don't think it is well executed. Normally I'm not bothered by simple graphics but there is a difference between "simple" and "primitive". I played similar games in the 1990s with better graphics than this. The only reason I can think of for such a low resolution is because it was designed for a phone screen rather than a computer and this kind of game is probably better suited for a phone app. Regarding playability, either make it harder to get killed early in the game or change it so the battles and events are more varied. It gets old very quickly going through the same scenario over and over again. I played it for half a day and rarely made it past the second battle. The instructions and tooltips need serious work because they don't make it easy for a beginner to learn the game. You also have a problem with the presentation of the text. Why have one or two sentences on each page? It is a pain in the arse having to click a dozen times to simply read a paragraph of text. Put it all on one page with one single click at the end to continue. Break it up with some graphics if you think your audience can't handle reading more than a couple of sentences at a time. Don't call it "Roguelike". I played Rogue extensively in the early 1980's and this game has few, if any, similarities.
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Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to try the game out and write your impression about it.
I will consider your suggestions.

Pixel graphics are a matter of taste. You clearly don't like them and I respect your opinion, though I think the artists did a very good job on them.

By the way, all I said is that the game contains some roguelike elements. I would never call it a roguelike.

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