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Seeking how to on Imperial Gallic G wooden crest

Seeking a website link or advise or reference book on how to make
a wooden crest for an Imperial Gallic model G helmet.


I'm always happy to see someone trying to make their own kits and looking for the most authentic look. The crest is roughly just half of a circle, about 1 1/4" thick and I used a standard 2X8 to cut from, which is 1 1/2" wide.
I used a jig saw to cut out the two circle lines and then squared off the ends.
The holes for the hair were drilled with a 1/4" drill bit. I spaced the holes evenly across the top and going length wise, ending up with 99 holes. I did stagger the center holes to prevent them from being too close together and that way they will fill in better. You should always mark the spots and make corrections before trying to start drilling.
Drilling the holes will be your biggest challenge, so you want to take your time ( I got it right on the third try) and punch your marks and predrill with a smaller bit. The larger bit will try to walk on you if you try it first, ruining your work.
As to the type of wood, that will be your call. I used American SYP, as mine is covered anyway.
If you want examples and patterns, just Google what you want and you will find several sites with measurements and sketches, which will mirror the information I gave above.
The best of luck with your work and I hope you will attempt to build more of your kit.
Manius Acilius Italicus
Bob Cherry
Manius Acilius Italicus
Your contribution is much appreciated here.

I have further questions about the creation of the horse hair plume
and crest box. How should the horse hair plume be stiffened?
Should glue be used to stiffen the horse hair and how long should the
horse hair plume strands be? What sort of glue works best to
firmly anchor the plume ends to the crest box? Has anyone used hyde glue
is there a danger of the horse hair becoming brittle over time and breaking
if this type of glue be used.

Is anyone familiar with 19th Century British and or European horse hair plumes
how does one care for them so as the horse hair strands not become brittle?

How should I finish the crest box should it be lacquered, oiled,
or painted? I would like to chose cedar as a wood as it would
minimize insect damage when stored.

Have considered commissioning a special thin wood hinged and locking cedar box
to store the plume in when not on display or in use. Especially to put in the
field pack when traveling.

What are your thoughts on this?

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