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caiustarquitius - presentation - caiusbeerquitius - 05-06-2007

Roman shield painting from Dura Europos ~260 AD
[Image: DSC03387.jpg]
The shield (#617, resp. Yale no. 1935-552) is consummately published in:
James, Simon: Excavations at Dura-Europos, Final Report VII, the Arms and Armour, and other Military Equipment (British Museum Press, London, 2004) plates VII and VIII and pp. 178-9.
[Image: DSC03398.jpg]

I made the reconstruction myself, using Kreidezeit milk paints and modern brushes. I decided to go for a "freehand" painting, as it is impossible to recreate an artist´s style exactly (unless you´re a trained artistry forger, of course Wink ), and hence better to make it in your own style. Nonetheless I tried to stay as close to the original as possible. I moved the figures a bit to provide a more coherent picture of the goups of figures, mainly visible on the right side. This also removed the large gap between the groups on the right. The original is encaustic, I here opted for the also attested method of using wax-coated milk paint. I had not too much experience with encaustic painting when I started the shield, which was the main reason for this decision. The final look, however, is basically the same anyway. Big Grin
The central circle around the grip is larger than on the original as well, which is simply due to the fact that it has to fit with the shield owner´s shield boss. Tongue