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Roman helmet database - Aurelianus - 04-29-2007

Since yesterday I try to check up the Roman helmet database. It doesn’t work at the moment. Does anybody now when it will goes on-line again? Is there any other database in the www?

Thank you for your help!

Re: Roman helmet database - Tarbicus - 04-29-2007

It's not just the Helmet Database, it's everything under Resources.

Re: Roman helmet database - Robert Vermaat - 04-29-2007

Not just Resources.
Only the links to RAT, the shop and the calendar function, but the rest is down.

Re: Roman helmet database - Praefectusclassis - 04-29-2007

It's been caused by the AT&T problem (see the announcements section) and the measures our host has had to take to make things work again. So called 'search engine friendly' links no longer work. I've already opened a ticket with our host to fix things.
This, btw, does not belong in this section.

Re: Roman helmet database - Gaius Colletti - 05-09-2012

I can't seem to find the helmet database anymore, it just links me to RAT. Did the site get deleted?

Re: Roman helmet database - Praefectusclassis - 05-09-2012

Hi Matt
See here:

Re: Roman helmet database - Gaius Colletti - 05-10-2012

Thanks Jasper, I missed the other thread