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Ingredients: fruits - richsc - 05-23-2003

Here is a listing of the fruits available to Roman cooks: feel free to add on when you can<br>
figs, apricots,<br>
berries: bay,<br>
dates, peaches, prunes<br>
grapes, apples<br>
lemons, oranges, pears, citrons, pomegranates<br>
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re:ingredients:fruits - Anonymous - 05-25-2003

Berries:elder, mulberry, strawberries, raspberry, blackberry<br>
medlar, damsons, plums, olives <p></p><i></i>

Re: re:ingredients:fruits - Gashford - 06-12-2003

I have heard that there are a lot of arguments about the humble orange and its origins, do we know for sure that the Romans had them? I don't know either way<br>
All the best <p>Graham Ashford
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Re: Ingredients: fruits - richsc - 06-12-2003

Considering that the Amalfi drive is surrounded with lemon and orange groves, it seems they would be native. I think I once heard that the 'golden apple' was actually an orange. <p></p><i></i>

Re: Ingredients: fruits - Carlton Bach - 02-19-2006

There is indeed considerable argument, but it is very unlikely indeed the Romans had what we know as oranges. Citrus fruit are not native to the Mediterranean originally, and though some were established early, we do not know exactly which onmes and how early. Citrons are usually assumed to have been the earliest, known in Hellenistic times under the name 'Median apples', though that interpretatuion is disputed. Lemons, on the other hand, ar usually thought to have been introduced in either Roman or Byzantine times, and are in common use around 1200 at the latest.

Oranges are also mentioned in medieval literatire, though not earlier than that. Howeer, in all likelihood these were more like what we today call bitter oranges, suitable for candying or turning into sauces, not something you'd eat as fruit. The usual assumption for both oranges and lemons is an introduction in the 700-1100 timeframe, but proof is hard to come by.

Re: Ingredients: fruits - hoplite14gr - 02-19-2006

Bergamont strated actually in Pergamos.
The Romans must have got it after grabboing that city.
Kind regards

Re: Ingredients: fruits - jbd_29349 - 03-16-2006

We know that the Romans had grapes and we know that they had apples. Did they have both green and purple grapes? Did they have both red and green apples.

Re: Ingredients: fruits - Carlton Bach - 03-16-2006

Quote:We know that the Romans had grapes and we know that they had apples. Did they have both green and purple grapes? Did they have both red and green apples.

On the first count, definitely yes. Pictorial sources are very clear. On the second one, I can prove red (from frescoes in Pompeii), and since green is the normal colour, I would assume both existed. I have one picture of green fruit here, but these could equally well be apple quinces.