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Is this kit suitable for reenactment? - Ashley Phillips - 10-03-2017

Good evening all! 
I've been looking into Roman reenactment for a while now having done 6 years of Vikings. I've just started getting kit together, and I've been offered the following helm and lorica segmentata by a mate. Having very little knowledge of the period, I've no idea if these are suitable, authentic props or 'interpretations' that I'll have to replace. 
Thanks in advance!

RE: Is this kit suitable for reenactment? - Flavivs Aetivs - 10-04-2017

No. That's the infamous trooper helmet and it's not acceptable for reenactment.

The segmentata is bad too and I strongly recommend avoiding a Segmentata altogether unless it's custom fitted. I'm assuming you're a woman based on the name so it would probably be a very bad fit on you since these things are usually sized for... bulky guys, to put it bluntly... and as a result it will destroy your armpits and shoulders if you wear it.

Check out the Legio XX Guide. Bit dated, but still a good start: