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Galea cheek guards - angus1235 - 09-04-2017

I'm sure many of you will cringe or shudder at this, but I will continue.

 recently purchased one of these.

I figured it's my first helmet etc. So a cheap (around $26 (aud)) one would be a good option. However, its inconsistecies have been annoying me. Mostly such things as the modern suspension-lining, but moreso the shape of the cheek guards. As far as I can tell, Galea helmets  (at least in reenactments), exclusively had flared edges on the cheek guards, like here:

Has anyone here had experience in modifying/reshaping these components, or have any advice to offer when modifying (correcting) their armour?

(I can't upload images from my phone so I've posted links to the images from google instead.)