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Life of Flavius Arbogastes - Lothia - 07-02-2017

Ave Civitas,

I am researching for my fouth novel in the "Bandit King" series.

This novel includes Master-General Flavius Arbogastes.

If I am going to create a character (and so a character profile) that could be historically accurate, I need to know what kind of person he was in real life.

In researching his history, and trying to create a character profile for Arbogast, I found (in Wikipedia) that Arbogast resided within the Frankish domain ( so probably not a domain as I would think of one) as a native of Galatia Minor until the later 370s when he was expelled.

That made me wonder.  What type of offense could he commit to get himself expelled (rather than imprisoned or executed)?

As always, thank you for your help.