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Roman cornicen - Adam Brinsley - 03-27-2017

Im keen to do a 1st-2nd century AD Cornicen and was wondering if anyone could give me some info what head dress is acceptable.
Also I imagine the Auxiliaries also had a Cornicen and was wondering if there was any difference between them and the Roman Cornicen. Any info much appreciated.

RE: Roman cornicen - Crispvs - 06-02-2017

I imagine that during the latter half of the first century AD and the second century AD they would probably look very similar, although it is possible that if the helmet was covered with an animal skin, the face might have been removed in the case of the auxiliary soldier, as appears to be seen in a contemporary depiction of an auxiliary standard bearer.

Incidently, this thread should have been posted in the History and Archaeology forum of RAT.


RE: Roman cornicen - Rado - 06-18-2017

That's how we present our (trumpeters) cornicen. In military and civilian equipment.