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Germanic Spatha 2nd Century - Sagart Hring Popa - 01-20-2017

Hello everyone,

 I am in need of help. I am trying to find information on Germanic Spathas during the 1st-2nd centuries AD and have no luck finding detailed information about the weapons (With hilt and blade intact). Any pictures, information that can help me would be appreciated as I'm trying to have one made by a smith and need as many details as possible.

 Roman ones can also be posted as they were known to be used but a Germanic one would be amazing to see.
  Thank you in advance,


RE: Germanic Spatha 2nd Century - Luka Borščak - 06-16-2017

Germanic spathas that early were of either celtic or roman design. No original germanic designs were yet developed, although they decorated them according to their tastes. Lindholmgard sword is an example of a germanic sword with a la tene design.

RE: Germanic Spatha 2nd Century - XorX - 06-23-2017

here is an example of a piece I made last year:

a find from Poland, maybe Vandilic, 1st half of 1st Ct. AD; handle is made after a Find from Sweden