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The Greek Quiver - Giannis K. Hoplite - 01-16-2017

Khairete filoi!
Long time i haven't posted here, but here's a new little video presenting my new Greek style quiver. This type was more popular in the archaic times but became less popular when the Scythian gorhytus took over. However it never ceased to be used until Hellenistic, and very probably Roman times. 

RE: The Greek Quiver - Creon01 - 01-16-2017

Very nice, but did you hit anything?

RE: The Greek Quiver - Giannis K. Hoplite - 01-16-2017

In the first video I'm hiting a hay bale. In the other two I'm shootings very high so that the arrows land close and vertical and I don't lose them in the snow.