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Salvete!! - Matt DiGirolamo - 08-22-2016

Hey all, my name is Matthew Anthony DiGirolamo (Heironymous Matthaius Antonius in Latin, as far as I know). I've been reenacting for a little under a year now. This whole adventure began with me crashing the Renaissance Faire in Roman garb, then I ran into the heads of my local legion, and the rest is history (pun not intended). I am currently looking to network with the greater reenacting community, for the purposes of recruiting for my legion (Legio XX Victrix), and for Spartacon3, a Roman/Gladiatorial themed convention that hosts out of Maryland. I look forward to conversing with you all!

RE: Salvete!! - Gunthamund Hasding - 08-23-2016

Hi Matt

and welcome to the forums. Enjoy the show here Smile

RE: Salvete!! - Stephen Bennett - 08-25-2016

Welcome aboard  Smile