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Roman Army School, Durham, 2017 - Renatus - 07-29-2016

This is to give advance notice of next year's Roman Army School. It will be held at St. Chad's College, Durham, between Saturday 25th and Tuesday 28th March 2017. The theme will be Roman frontiers and will focus on how Roman frontiers worked. This will involve examination of different frontiers, the building of frontiers and control and pressures in the frontier zone. Speakers will include David Breeze, Richard Bridgland, Peter Hill, Adrian Goldsworthy, Valerie Maxfield, Boris Rankov and Andreas Thiel. There will be an excursion on the Saturday to Housesteads and Cawfields to examine the evidence for the building of Hadrian's Wall. This is actually part of the Hadrianic Society's reunion weekend but those attending the Roman Army School are welcome to join in. I will post further details as they become available.

RE: Roman Army School, Durham, 2017 - Longovicium - 07-30-2016

Thanks, Michael. I will mark this in the diary.

RE: Roman Army School, Durham, 2017 - Renatus - 10-18-2016

More details of the 2017 Roman Army School are now available. I attach links to the handbill for the School and the provisional programme. Booking forms and information for those attending can be found on the Hadrianic Society website (



RE: Roman Army School, Durham, 2017 - Sergius - 10-20-2016

That will be really interesting. A pity I can't be there. Because if I do, probably my wife will put me into a spiked barrel and sent me downhill. But I have found a very interesting team that I'll meet in the next months: Trebuchet Park.

RE: Roman Army School, Durham, 2017 - Renatus - 10-20-2016

Maybe, if you behave yourself, your wife will let you come in 2018. New blood is always welcome.

RE: Roman Army School, Durham, 2017 - Sergius - 10-24-2016

Jajajaja I'll do my best. I'll train my children with the sword through the year to come, just to check if they ask for that trip!

In the meantime I have something a bit closer, just to warm myseltf up.