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New to forum - mjsanta83 - 06-27-2016


Greetings.  I have always loved history and have been into Roman history for the last few years.  Started with Rome Total War. 

I wanted to purchase a few sets of armor for recreations with my church, but I quickly became interested in getting armor and equipment for myself.  I received my lorica segmentata, helmet, scutum, gladius, and pugio.  I am making my own tunics, and belt.  I am waiting for the caligae and few other things to complete what I need. 

I am in South Texas (Mexican border) and have been looking at groups in either San Antonio or Houston.

I found this forum by accident but look forward to learning a few things from the members here.


(My wife thinks I am completely bonkers mad, but she does actually think the stuff is pretty cool.)

RE: New to forum - Robert Vermaat - 06-27-2016

Welcome Mike,
Please put your name in your signature (profile).

RE: New to forum - HunterNorwood - 07-12-2016

How the heck to you change your signiture? My real name is my user name bUT not my signiture.

RE: New to forum - Robert Vermaat - 07-12-2016

Your username is OK as well.