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Salve omnes, - svdwal - 05-30-2016

Hello all,

I'd like to briefly introduce myself.
My name is Sjoerd van de Wal, 34 years old and living in the Netherlands.

Alltough i have a passion for history in general and the 1930's and first half of the 1940's in special, i do have a huge passion and secret love for the later Eastern Roman empire or the Byzantine empire from the 9th century onwards.

I am working on a small 9ht to 10th century Byzantine impression in Living History in the near future and am working at the moment to make my basic gear and clothing.
Mainly reading and researching at the moment.

Hopefully i will be able to do my first public outing next year, what to my knowledge will be the first Byzantine sighting in the Netherlands.

I am not a regular Internet user nor poster, but i try to keep you updated and hopefully i am allowed to ask lots of questions as this is a complete new Living History field to me :-)

All the best from the Netherlands,

Sjoerd van de Wal

RE: Salve omnes, - Gunthamund Hasding - 05-30-2016

Welcome and have fun
although we are mostly able to help here with Roman stuff there are definitely knowledgeable peep around who might answer any question you have

RE: Salve omnes, - agrimensor - 05-31-2016

you might contact FECTIO the late roman group in the Netherlands, they can help you with your reconstructions.
might see you somewere sometime.
if possible come to the romeinen festival next weekend at the Museum park orientalis in Nijmegen or later this year the late roman event at the same location.

RE: Salve omnes, - Robert Vermaat - 05-31-2016


RE: Salve omnes, - svdwal - 05-31-2016

Thanks for you welcome,

I'm not sure if i've got time this weekend, but will definitely make a note of the late roman event that is on later this year.
Fectio was on my list to contact, alltough a couple of centuries earlier than my main interest it is always good to talk to people.
Who knows they might help me on my way with some of my questions.
Thanks again,