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Another batch of raisin wine - Hocfutue - 05-28-2016

Used up the rest of the 2015 homemade raisin wine at the event last week (well-received by the group.)

Mixed up another batch this afternoon. Pretty simple to make. Couple pounds of unsulphered raisins, boiled in a gallon of water for an hour. Let it cool, then pour into the amphora* with a big scoop of local honey and a big handful of unboiled raisins (that way the skin yeasts are intact.) Add another gallon+ of room temperature water. Stir, covered with a cloth, and now we wait for a week or so until it stops bubbling. (Very scientific.)

Then strain and decant into bottles to sit for a few months. And hey, if it turns, I have vinegar--reduces down into a tasty syrup.

*Very blessed that my mother is a ceramics and pottery artist who enjoys taking on unusual projects for her son who also takes on unusual projects.