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Hello All..! - JoeSmoe69 - 05-20-2016

My name is David and I was a member here quite a few years ago. I moderated the R&R board for a time. Some things happened in life and I stopped lurking around here.

I'm not a re-enactor, but an enthusiast and, if all goes well, a reconstructionist (if there is such a word) because I like to have pretty, shiny Roman munitions sitting around my modestly stocked, but well considered, bookshelf (makes the ladies think I'm smart). My timeframe of interest is 1st C. CE. Especially the Roman military situation in the eastern parts.

I'm currently working on putting together a garage workshop so I can restart some old, dusty projects. If I wasn't afraid of a bolt of lightning through this very roof, I'd say that I'm considering raising my very own Imperial Gallic helmet. I've only recently decided to get my feet wet in blacksmithing from seeing Matt Lukes' absolutely excellent work! Damn you, Matt! ;^)

Close to 20 years ago I completed a Corby 'A' seg, basic scutum, loculus and my first-and-only sword scabbard...sort of a Pompeii/Long Windsor mashup. Oh and a tanged pilum. Lost everything, tools and all, when my public storage space was broken into...okay that was a lie. It was because I didn't pay my bill...*shrug*

Have a great weekend, 


RE: Hello All..! - Gunthamund Hasding - 05-23-2016

Welcome back Dave and have fun as always

RE: Hello All..! - JoeSmoe69 - 05-23-2016

Thank you, Gelu!

RE: Hello All..! - Robert Vermaat - 05-25-2016


RE: Hello All..! - JoeSmoe69 - 05-29-2016

Thank all you beautiful people..!

RE: Hello All..! - JoeSmoe69 - 06-10-2016

Sure is slow here. Its like one new post per day...

RE: Hello All..! - richsc - 06-10-2016

Now, if you want multiple daily posts of varying degrees of interest, you can also try RAT on Facebook.