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Major Tony Clunn MBE - PhilusEstilius - 08-07-2014

I have just learned that Major Tony Clunn MBE has died he was the author of the book "In Quest of the Lost Legions" "The Varusschlacht" and he did so much work towards the Kalkriese as we now know it today, he has died after such a very long illness and will indeed be so sadly missed.

Major Tony Clunn MBE - richsc - 08-08-2014

That is indeed sad news. We had him here at my house for a book talk and saw all his slides, bought signed books. He liked my wine and really got along with my son. Invited all the legions near DC for that one. Great evening.

Major Tony Clunn MBE - Robert Vermaat - 08-08-2014

That's sad news indeed. I briefly met him at Kalkriese in 2003, he seemed a very nice guy.
That man's perseverance made all the difference - indeed he truly is the man who dicovered the site of the Varus battle!

Major Tony Clunn MBE - Medusa Gladiatrix - 08-13-2014

That's very sad news. His book was the very first one I read about the Varus battle and it was so thrilling to read how he discovered the battle field.

R.I.P, Tony :-(

Major Tony Clunn MBE - ParthianBow - 08-14-2014

Sad news indeed. May he rest in peace.

Major Tony Clunn MBE - Quintius Clavus - 08-21-2014

Sad news, indeed! I drove down to Richard Campbell's home for the talk he gave - as referenced earlier. I have a signed copy of his book and enjoyed an interesting conversation with him about an incident (at Kalkriese) I'd seen reported on a paranormal website. He confirmed the general outline, and noted that he usually did not believe In such things.
He was unfortunately not able to come to the New Ulm, MN reenactment/commemoration of the Varus Battle in Sept. 2009.
His curiosity has enriched us all.