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Bronze Petasos - Creon01 - 10-09-2013

It's been a while since someone asked about pictures, not line drawings, of this helmet.

Anybody have any?

Bronze Petasos - Flavivs Aetivs - 10-09-2013

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Bronze Petasos - katsika - 10-10-2013

Like this? :whistle:

Bronze Petasos - Creon01 - 02-03-2014

I'm still looking for any pictures of this helmet. I heard it was displayed in a museum in Athens, but there's nothing online I could find.


Bronze Petasos - Flavivs Aetivs - 02-03-2014

Wouldn't it be more likely the holes on the edge were to line the edge or the inside of the helmet with leather?

I'm looking for the image right now, I don't have it on my computer (or in the emails Maite Renard sent me) but I can probably find it on Google. Athens gets a lot of tourists with cell phones.

EDIT: After several google search queries, I've found more images of Japanese armor than Greek Helmets. Sorry.

Bronze Petasos - Creon01 - 02-04-2014

Yes, it's a tough one. I am sure I saw it online somewhere and did not bookmark it,

Bronze Petasos - hoplite14gr - 02-04-2014

The original picture was published in ARCHAIOLOGIKH EPHIMERIS ( Archaological Newspaper) and was republished in Osprey's "Ancient Greek Armies"

Kind regards

Bronze Petasos - Creon01 - 02-04-2014

Thanks, I have seen both but has anyone actually seen the artifact yet? It is an important find and I am surprised there has not been more focus on this very unique helmet.

Bronze Petasos - Flavivs Aetivs - 02-04-2014

To me it looks like the "Bronze Petasos" seems like a precursor not only to the Boetian Helmet, but maybe also later gladiator helmets that have the big metal brim?

Bronze Petasos - Alanus - 02-04-2014

I think the French were wearing something similar around the time of Joan of Arc. :whistle:

Bronze Petasos - Creon01 - 03-22-2014

My friend Eduardo Vazquez found it!

From Hellenistische Helme in German.

Does anybody who reads German know anything about the citation below?



Bronze Petasos - Creon01 - 03-22-2014

Pottery Depiction

RE: Bronze Petasos - Creon01 - 04-05-2017

Well, it took a while but Matt Lukes has created a very fine example of this rare bronze helmet.

I'm pretty happy they way it turned out and expect the Indians to offer copies soon - so if you want one, just be patient 

More background:
TOPOGRAPHIC SEMANTICS: The Location of the Athenian Public Cemetery and Its Significance for the Nascent Democracy
Author(s): Nathan T. Arrington
Source: Hesperia: The Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Vol. 79,
No. 4 (October-December 2010), pp. 499-539
Published by: The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Page 530.
"Two more burials near the Leokoriou Roads also deserve mention for
their hippie associations. At Madytou 11 (H 1) near Hippios Kolonos, in
the Late Classical period, a man was buried in a marble cist with an iron
sword on his chest, a bronze petasos helmet at his feet, an iron strigil, and
two alabastra. Helmets of this type are usually worn by cavalry. The grave
also contained several bronze discs and other objects that may have been
ornaments for a horse or rider.171 Athenian Classical burials with armor
are extremely rare; indeed, I know of no other inhumation in the entire
area northwest of Athens that contained weapons or armor, with the
exception of the arrowheads in the Tomb of the Lakedaimonians."

[Image: 33805188316_186327a62e.jpg]
[Image: 33032736343_02d008cac1.jpg]
[Image: 33032736413_bcb4fa6c71.jpg]

RE: Bronze Petasos - Giannis K. Hoplite - 05-03-2017

Joe, I'm very jealous of your petassos helmet! Well done!
The original seems to have perforated edges (confirmed?). Someone had interestingly suggested that it might have had a felt cover on its outsider ao that it looked like an ordinary petasos with a bronze interior. Another possibility is that it had a leather or felt interior. A leather edging in my opinion would disrupt the nice shape of the helmet and add no benefit in such a wide brimmed hat.

RE: Bronze Petasos - Crispianus - 05-04-2017

(03-22-2014, 06:50 PM)Creon01 Wrote: My friend Eduardo Vazquez found it!

From Hellenistische Helme in German.

Does anybody who reads German know anything about the citation below?



Nice looking repilca...
Gravefind from Athens dated around 400bc from: Antike Helme RGZM 1988 pg 159-160