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Nodge Nolan - Caballo - 12-11-2013

Very sad news- Nodge Nolan- a hugely skilled craftsman, founder of the Colchester Roman Society, and top bloke has passed away after a long illness. I last saw him at the "Night in Pompeii" at the British Museum. All sympathies to Janet and the family.
[Image: nolan2-1020x5733.jpg]

Nodge Nolan - Flavivs Aetivs - 12-11-2013

My condolences.

Nodge Nolan - ParthianBow - 12-11-2013

No, that's awful! My condolences to his family.
I emailed him last week about a ram's head bracelet (I'd lost mine). He said he'd finish one soon. It arrived in the post today.
I will treasure it even more now.

Nodge Nolan - jvrjenivs - 12-11-2013

Sorry to hear. I've several of his reproductions and always loved his work. My condolences to his family and friends.

Nodge Nolan - Vindex - 12-11-2013

A loss of a true craftsman. Condolences to his family and friends.

Nodge Nolan - PhilusEstilius - 12-11-2013

It was so sad to learn about Nodge Nolan my deepest condolences.

Nodge Nolan - vicuscenturion - 12-11-2013

I knew Nodge to talk to and on the occasions i have i found him to be a very genuine, knowledgeable and very laid back guy,not to mention an artisan of the highest order. Rest in peace you will be missed.

Nodge Nolan - Robert - 12-11-2013

A sad loss for the artisan community! My heartfelt condolences to those who were deerest to him.

Nodge Nolan - Gaius Julius Caesar - 12-11-2013

Had met Nodge a couple of times and he was a decent guy, as said.
I have some of his work as well, includign a decent set of Kalkriese plates.
RIP Nodge and condolences to his family!

Nodge Nolan - Ammianus Marcellinus - 12-11-2013

A great loss for the whole community of reenactors .. RIP M. Nolan beside the Gods ...

Nodge Nolan - mcbishop - 12-12-2013

This is truly sad. He was a real gentleman and extremely talented. I last saw him at Caerleon in August 2012 when we talked about a project we were going to work on together; he was so enthusiastic about it that he had already made a start, before I had even managed to secure any funding. At this time of year, I always loved his little digital cartoon Christmas cards. A wonderful chap I shall really miss.

Mike Bishop

Nodge Nolan - Robert Vermaat - 12-12-2013

That is so very sad to hear. How old was he? A very nice man, a great artisan and very pleasant to work with. I first met him in 2001 when he was in Archeon with Legio II Augusta, he made the first set of spearheads for Fectio. Andreas and I went to a lecture in Gloucester in November of that year and the next day on the round trip we visited Nodge at his home to the north of London, picking up the spearheads and discussing lots and lots more. Nodge's house was a typical house of the reenactor/artisan (I have seen many of such houses later), cosy and full of books and gear. Time went too quickly (we had to catch the ferry in Harwich) and we had to say goodbye way too soon!

Every year Nodge sent a very funny Christmas card, I'll miss that one too. Sad
I hope they have an anvil in heaven Nodge, I'll think of you when I see the lightning next time. :wink:

NODGE NOLAN, Archeon 2001
[Image: 2.30l.jpg]

Nodge Nolan - Medusa Gladiatrix - 12-12-2013

Like I already said on Facebook on the page of Roman Tours I'm quite shocked to read this. I got the chance to meet Nodge and Janet personally in Feb. 2007 at the Amphitheatre Conference in Chester. I have this replica of the little knife in the shape of a sector (gladiator). So I have a nice memory. All the strength to Janet to go through this hard time.

Nodge Nolan - Celer - 12-15-2013

How about posting a photo of your favorite Nodge item in your possession?
Here's mine.

Nodge Nolan - sillicus - 12-16-2013

This is the egg tempera painting I've created to be present at Nodge's funeral is coming Friday.
Based on the photo at the top of this topic!!! Here it is for better or worse.....

That's camera flash you can see in his beard!!!!