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Ranks, Wreaths and Medals - Renatus - 02-10-2013

I have no doubt that this has been dealt with before but, despite searching, I can find nothing on it. Could someone please explain the ranking system in RAT, i.e., how many posts are required to attain any particular rank?

Jasper explained the colours of wreaths here:

and medals are explained here:

I feel that new recruits would like to have easy access to this information and, therefore, have tried to gather it together under one heading. If the idea commends itself, perhaps this thread could be made a sticky so that, in the future, anyone interested will not have to hunt around the forum, possibly without success.

Ranks, Wreaths and Medals - Renatus - 02-18-2013

A week having passed since my enquiry without a response, I have attempted to work out the answer myself. A certain amount of inference has been necessary, so if I have erred I hope that someone will correct me.

Members who have not posted are designated in their Profiles as ‘Users’ and have six octagons instead of wreaths. Once they start posting, the number of posts to ranks are as follows:

1-9: Tiro
10-24: Gregalis
25-49: Immunis
50-99: Signifer
100-249: Imaginifer
250-499: Aquilifer
500-749: Centurio
750-1499: Primus Pilus
1500-2999: Praefectus Castrorum
3000+: Legatus Legionis

The colouring of wreaths is slightly more complicated than stated by Jasper. It is as follows:

Tiro: 9 grey
Gregalis: 1 red, 8 grey
Immunis: 2 red, 7 grey
Signifer: 3 red, 6 grey
Imaginifer: 4 red, 5 grey
Aquilifer: 5 red, 4 grey
Centurio: 5 red, 1 gold, 3 grey
Primus Pilus: 5 red, 2 gold, 2 grey
Praefectus Castrorum: 5 red, 3 gold, 1 grey
Legatus Legionis: 5 red, 4 gold

There seems to be one special rank, Decurio Ala I Batavorum, with a post count and wreath colouring equivalent to a Legatus Legionis.

Moderators have the rank of Speculator and 9 blue wreaths. The Chief Moderator has the rank of Decurio Speculatorum and 5 blue and 4 gold wreaths.

For the sake of completeness, I add, as stated by Jasper, that Administrators have 9 gold wreaths and Project Co-ordinators have 9 green wreaths.

I repeat my suggestion that this thread be made a sticky for the benefit of new recruits and anyone else interested.

Ranks, Wreaths and Medals - Vindex - 02-18-2013

I've added the requested sticky, but as I am a relative newcomer to RAT in terms of some other members I have raised your enquiry with the other Moderators.

Ranks, Wreaths and Medals - Praefectusclassis - 02-18-2013

You're spot on Renatus! Sorry I missed it before.

Ranks, Wreaths and Medals - Alanus - 03-22-2013

A sincere thanks-a-bunch, Renatus

Hey! I only have 480-something posts to go and I'll become a praefectus castrorum. Then I'll be right up there with Lucius Artorius Castus (nuk, nuk, nuk) :woot:

Ranks, Wreaths and Medals - Pappa Gus - 01-08-2015

Many thanks to Renatus and any other contributors. Very helpful for recruits such as myself. Commendable gentlemen! :cheer:

Ranks, Wreaths and Medals - Renatus - 01-08-2015

You're welcome. I'm glad you found it helpful.