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muscle cuirass - john k. - 09-20-2012

hey guys, im looking for a cuirass to go with my spartan gear.
the thing is im having trouble finding any fairly decent pieces. most of which seem
rather huge with 44-50 in, in the chest area. i mean really?, who is the model for these pieces. The few places i have been able to find like manning imperial charge 2k for a cuirass. At the moment i just dont have 2k to invest in a single piece.

Anyway the pic is of a lino i recently purchased. its my fallback in case i cant aquire a solid
chest piece before the renfest hits. so if anyone reading this has any leads i would be humbly in your debt. thanks for stopping by my post guys.

muscle cuirass - jvrjenivs - 09-20-2012

Check the recent addtidions by or check Matt Lukes (althought that still cost you a 1k me thinks)

muscle cuirass - Titus Thurinus - 09-20-2012

muscle cuirass - Dithrambus - 09-22-2012

If you insist on a musculata, there are no accurate versions available 'off the rack' and custom is the only way to ensure historical accuracy and fit. Those from West Coast Armoury are hardly historically accurate as 'Greek' armour and $700.00 for a brass version is much too expensive (steel is out of the question if you are at all concerned with historical accuracy).

A fine composite thorax custom fit to your body can be had for $500.00 - $1,000.00 depending upon factors such as the amount of scales, decoration etc. Currently the best supplier in this price range is Loricatus (UK)

Their latest tapered design is not pictured at the site, drop them an email if your interested in seeing what they have done recently, I have seen several and they are fantastic for the price.

muscle cuirass - Dithrambus - 09-22-2012

This was made by Loricatus recently for one of the members of Sparta Mora, I believe the gentleman said this one was in the $1,000.00 range, but the same thorax can be had for much less minus the scales. Just wanted to give you an idea of what is currently available:

muscle cuirass - wolf16mt - 10-15-2012

This might sound terrible. But im one of those 50 inch chest guys. I work a very physical job and it shows.
But before i did what i do now i was around 35 inches of chest. For once being a big guy is not super bad thing(:.

muscle cuirass - Gaius Julius Caesar - 10-15-2012

Yeah myself, I fit into the 44" - 46" range! Cool

muscle cuirass - AGEL - 10-22-2012


It's my almoust finished muscle armour, thi is my second muscle armour, made from steel. Also I have for sell lorica segmentata corbridge A, steel pugio with bronze handle, casing made from bronze with leather inside and steel legionary greaves. In future i will made muscle armour from bronze for specific size.
This muscle I made for myself - 175-180cm height, chest - 100-110cm[img size=800/600][/img]

muscle cuirass - katsika - 10-22-2012

IMHO :whistle: - if you are attempting period accuracy by wearing a metal cuirass, this would rely on the particular period you wish to portray. The metal cuirass was all but passed over in leiu of the spolas by practically all the city states by the time the classical period rolled around. The pottery would, in some cases, still depict hero-types (Achilles, etc.) wearing the "bug shell", but the impracticality as well as lack of mobility of the metal was exposed rather soon after its inception. Repairs to this piece were always a bit less than desireable, as the cuirass' integrity and appearance was compromised, plus it targeted visually these areas for the opponent. Also, should one receive a puncture or dent to the cuirass, the metal stays bent inward (toward the wearer) until it was removed and then repaired... unlike the spolas, which was much cheaper to repair and would return to original contours immediately, should the surface be breached, thus no pressure from the unit until its removal, as was the case of the cuirass, and if possible, the combatant was free to continue the fray (still mostly protected). Cavalry, however, is a completely different "animal", as the rider was more vulnerable to grould attack (should he stop or slow down), so a cuirass was more desireable for this application. Also, mobility was not as much an issue for the rider (while mounted), as it was for the hoplite.
A proper spolas is more expensive (even today) than a cuirass in most cases, but if you are handy enough, you can construct an impressive spolas for materials cost (around $500) and be quite accurate in your portrayal.

muscle cuirass - Ultilatie - 11-14-2012

100% hand made

muscle cuirass - Marcus Mummius - 11-16-2012


100% hand made

I have sent a message to the adress on that website. Do you know if the owner understands English?

muscle cuirass - Ultilatie - 11-20-2012

Not probably!

RE: muscle cuirass - Spartan Jay - 07-21-2017

(11-20-2012, 12:19 AM)Ultilatie Wrote: Not probably!

They do, I have bought from them, quality is great and very quick, can be under 3 weeks sometimes!