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Professor Albert Brian Bosworth (1942-2014) - D B Campbell - 03-28-2015

I have belatedly learned of the passing of another great scholar, Professor Brian Bosworth, latterly of the University of Western Australia, where he retired as Professor of Classics and Ancient History in 2007. He passed away on 22 December 2014.

He will be well-known to many on RAT for his Alexander-related publications, not least his two-volume commentary on Arrian's Anabasis Alexandri (the third volume, afaik, never appeared).

A Festschrift has just been published.

Professor Albert Brian Bosworth (1942-2014) - Eleatic Guest - 03-29-2015


I read his 1996 account on Megasthenes. (The Historical Setting of Megasthenes' Indica)

Professor Albert Brian Bosworth (1942-2014) - Dan Howard - 03-30-2015

I was lucky enough to have him as a guest lecturer and chatted with him briefly when I was studying at Newcastle Uni in NSW. The words "gentleman and scholar" never fitted anyone more aptly.