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Malware? - Epictetus - 09-03-2013

I'm being warned of malware in the Polish Hussars thread.

Quote:Content from, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page.

I don't know if it is true or not, but thought I should let the powers-that-be know I got the warning. Perhaps if any members don't have anti-virus software they might want to avoid that thread for the moment.

Malware? - Vindex - 09-03-2013

Thank you - we'll keep an eye on it if Jasper has not already sorted it.

(supposed to be in moderator green but I still can't do that...!)

Malware? - M. Demetrius - 09-03-2013

[color=#008800 [/color] GREEN!

If you want the duller, darker green (ominous and profound, isn't that?)
Then use this setting [color=#004400
Don't forget to add a ] after the number. See if that works for you.

Malware? - Praefectusclassis - 09-04-2013

That's Chrome being (understandably) paranoid. The content in question is a gif, a picture Peter posted of the biggest horse on record. It is apparently possible to embed scripts in a gif, so I have deleted that post. However, the odds of it actually being dangerous seem low. Google also indicates that has not recently actually distributed malware:

Malware? - Epictetus - 09-04-2013

Okay. Thanks, Jasper. I just thought I should mention it.