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Armchair Wall walking - mcbishop - 10-04-2011

For those who would like to walk Hadrian's Wall from west to east with me without all the aching muscles, wind, rain, and blisters of the real thing (and that's just getting to the railway station!) you can now do so in summary form (and with the occasional free book and other treats) with @perlineamvalli on Twitter and in more detail with the Per Lineam Valli blog. The Per Lineam Valli website itself is about to get a major overhaul.

Mike Bishop

Re: Armchair Wall walking - Epictetus - 10-04-2011

Wow! That is really cool. I love all the detail.

Re: Armchair Wall walking - mcbishop - 01-10-2012

Well, some 24,000 words have brought us nearly half way along Hadrian's Wall (Wall Mile 40 tomorrow). The next half awaits for the intrepid armchair walker. Catch up with what you've missed here and subscribe to the RSS feed to be kept up to date.

Mike Bishop

Re: Armchair Wall walking - Vindex - 01-11-2012

Great link, thank you.

But now I feel homesick Cry