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List of Groups - Matt Lukes - 10-23-2009

Salvete omnes! Sorry for the Latin-I guess I need someone to teach me a little Greek so I can address correctly LOL

Someone has just asked if there are any Greek reenactment/living history groups in the UK and I realized that we could really use a list of all the groups RAT members are associated with or know of- to help any new folks find other crazy people to play with :wink:

If you all wouldn't mind posting your group's:

website link (if you have one)
relevant contact info (for maybe one member here?)
- and anything else you think would be useful in a short list

I'll assemble them and create a permanent thread here.

Re: List of Groups - Peter Raftos - 10-25-2009

Here is a list I have been compiling,
Some of the links may be down and the groups may range from 2 members to 50. I could be wrong about some. I have missed Lysandros' group because I am not sure of the name. I know that in Russia there were one or two groups about 6 or more years ago but I have lost contact with them.
Group Location Website
Ancient Battle Society Brasil [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Ares Anax Hellas
Athena Promachos Spain [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Athena Promachos France
Enomotoi Hellas [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Figli del Sole - Eliades Kouron Italy [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Hetairoi Germany [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Koryvantes Hellas [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Spartan Society UK [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Spartan Warband USA [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Spartan World Germany [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Spartans and Amazons USA [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Spartiatikes Mores Hellas [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Taxeis Plataiai Canada [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Ancient Hoplitikon of Melbourne Australia [url:a84t35n9][/url]
The Greek Warriors New York, USA [url:a84t35n9][/url]
The Hoplite Association UK [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Sydney Ancients Australia [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Triballi-thrakoi Austria [url:a84t35n9][/url]
Warriors of Greece USA [url:a84t35n9][/url]

Hope this is a starting point for more research.

Re: List of Groups - Matt Lukes - 10-25-2009

That's great Peter, thanks. Hopefully others can correct or add to the list.

Re: List of Groups - Peter Raftos - 11-03-2009

One more:
Phalanx Group Nth East UK [url:19ceqyju][/url]

Re: List of Groups - Peter Raftos - 11-03-2009

Almost forgot Matt,
There is a nice introduction to Greek Greetings here: [url:1ifhtr5t][/url]

Re: List of Groups - Lýsandros - 11-03-2009

My group's name is Bludni Rytieri (Knights Errant), as our main focus is on the first third of the fifteenth century. We have decided that a group spinoff is unneccesary, so we will carry on with both periods (europe medieval and ancient greece) under the same name.

You can also list the project's name though, which is Eridanos. Unfortunately, the english section of both websites is still under construction (as always Smile //"> (group website) or (project website).

Re: List of Groups - Peter Raftos - 11-11-2009

An Italian Greco- Etruscan group exists called Falange Spinete Greco Etrusche della citta di spina. Their web site or server is down but they have a forum.

"FALANGE SPINETE" - [url:arme6nlm][/url].

Re: List of Groups - Peter Raftos - 11-13-2009

Figli del Sole have an amazing Facebook page with about 250 photos [url:3e9gig4m][/url]. Celts Romans and lots of Greek peltasts and hoplites ...did I mention dancing ladies as well as a snake and a raven.
I don't read Italian but it looks like their may be even more groups out there that we haven't even encountered yet on some of the social networking pages.

Re: List of Groups - Demetrios - 11-26-2009

Sorry to be a bit late but I am not used to this new Greek and Reneactment etc section...

Athenea Promakhso France is mainly located in south east France (Lyon + Rhone valley down to the Mediterranean) which is also the place where the ancient Greeks left there marks.
The group has +/- 15 members.

No website cor the moment.
Can be contacted at : [email protected]

Best regards

Re: List of Groups - Cleon - 01-27-2010

Hello, I´m Jonatan from Athenea Promakhos
Our new web is:

Re: List of Groups - texascavtrooper - 01-27-2010

Hello All,
Well there is a new Legion formed up in Texas. We are the 13th Legion and our time fram is from 40 AD to 125 AD.We don't have a web site yet but we're working on it. If anyone would like to have more info on our group send me a PM with your e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Have fun.

Re: List of Groups - Palaemon - 02-15-2010

The Ancient Hoplitikon of Melbourne Australia appear to have moved here .....

Re: List of Groups - Peter Raftos - 05-24-2010

A few years ago I stumbled upon a couple of groups in the Crimea doing ancient greek re-enactment. Alas they have disappeared from the web. But cruising the Russian version of facebook V-Kontakte with my Google translator turned on I found a group called Anabasis. They are only about 6 strong but they tried out their Thracian peltast gear for real in the snow of a Russian winter with their local Roman group. Their e-mail address is [email protected] .
For those of you who want to see their V-Kontake page it is at [url:21exqkun][/url]. Can any of ou friends from the CIS or their neighbours enlighten us about other groups there? I have heard there may be a Persian intrest group.

Re: List of Groups - Peter Raftos - 05-24-2010

Andrey from Anabasis has had difficulty registering on RAT but keeps a watching brief on what we are up to. They have started off with peltast impressions but are moving to do Bosporan hoplites to fit in with their climate (read able to wear trousers to keep warm). They also have one member interested in Achaemenid kit. Andrey informs me there is a newly formed Persian group in St Petersburg as well. This group is dedicated to the history of ancient Iran pre-Islamic period from the VII century BC to the VII century BC. They have a V-Kontakte presence as well [url:191jg0sh][/url] I have attached an image of Anabasis on patrol.[attachment=0:191jg0sh]<!-- ia0 Anabasis3.jpg<!-- ia0 [/attachment:191jg0sh]

Re: List of Groups - hoplite14gr - 05-24-2010

The link is problematic.

Kind regards