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Finished Linothorax - Chris B - 07-22-2008

I figured I would start another thread for my finished linothorax. I also thought some of you might also add you own pics of your finished armor so we had pics of various linothorax in one nice neat thread. Well, here is the sumation of several hundred hours of work.

It is both glued and hand sewn.

[Image: Linothorax006a.jpg]

[Image: Linothorax011a.jpg]

[Image: Linothorax008a.jpg]

Re: Finished Linothorax - Chris B - 07-22-2008

[Image: Linothorax009a.jpg]

[Image: Linothorax007a.jpg]

[Image: Linothorax010a.jpg]

Re: Finished Linothorax - Chris B - 07-22-2008

In my haste to get pictures I failed to rotate it on my body to the right position. It looks a little off center to the back, but it fits right once I adjust it.

[Image: Linothorax002a.jpg]

[Image: Linothorax003a.jpg]

[Image: Linothorax004a.jpg]

Re: Finished Linothorax - Chris B - 07-22-2008

[Image: Linothorax001a.jpg]

[Image: Linothorax005a.jpg]

Re: Finished Linothorax - brennivs - tony drake - 07-22-2008

Excellent piece of kit Big Grin D
Regards Brennivs Big Grin

Re: Finished Linothorax - Kallimachos - 07-22-2008

It looks fantastic. How many layers of leashes did you used?

Re: Finished Linothorax - Kineas - 07-23-2008

Very nice. Laudes!

Re: Finished Linothorax - Chris B - 07-23-2008

Thanks. The helmet is new Gioi. I am going to line it and make a high alternating white/black crest with a braided tail. I'll put pics in the impression thread once it is done. That is seriously my last project for a LONGGGG TIME. :lol:

No..........Seriously it is!

Finished Linothorax - jonwr - 07-23-2008

An outstanding piece of work. Laudes are in order.(if I knew how Big Grin )
I figured it out. :oops:
Jon R.

Re: Finished Linothorax - Mythos_Ruler - 07-23-2008

Confusedhock: Alright, how much $$$ for you to make me one (with a few modifications of course!)? Wink

Re: Finished Linothorax - Giannis K. Hoplite - 07-23-2008

OK,Chris,what to say! Laudes from me wholeheartedly. Damn,how much greater bronze looks to brass! It is excellent. Don't forget to port pics with your new shield,too!
You are very lucky,your helmet came in one of the best qualities I've seen. In good shape and it fits nice it seems. Lightly painted and with high crest will look very nice!

Re: Finished Linothorax - Gaius Julius Caesar - 07-23-2008

That is a very cool set of Kit Chris!
The quality of the details are outstanding......! 8)

Re: Finished Linothorax - Virilis - 07-23-2008

Fantastic work, Chris Confusedhock: !! Is the chalcidian helmet made by Manning Imperial? It looks too good to be made by Deepeeka...

Re: Finished Linothorax - Chris B - 07-23-2008

No. It is a Deepeeka Chalcidian. I will put more pics up of it once I get it lined and a crest on it. Should take a week or two.

Re: Finished Linothorax - PMBardunias - 07-23-2008

Great job. How is your chiton secured, pins or buttons? Do pins chafe under the yoke?