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Aquincum / Budapest III spatha.
s. I agree that everything says horseman. And at that time at that place it would be easy to associate it with alans or huns. But the thing that sustains the baldric idea is the rosette. Could you mind to draw a reconstruction? In the ioriginal thread there are several if I remember correctly?

Also ...and I would really appreciate that: do you know of aditiobal infornation about this kind of sword? I only found just one apart from this. Is there any other with asimetrical section hilt?

Thanks in advancd
All the hilts are listed on the plate in the Margaret Nagy paper, on page 459. Figure 5 is Tsibilium-43, Figure 6 is one of the Leopoldau Hilts. The typology for these hilts was likely mostly Organic materials, hence why most don't survive.

I would suggest the Rosette was part of the Propellor Stiffener Belt, not the Baldric.

I would be happy to provide a reconstruction. Just... don't expect it soon. I'm really busy right now. I have at least another 48 hours of sewing to do, on top of work and finishing my book.
I hoped that you could know some more apart of the few portrayed there.
On the belt: just a rough drawing when you had the time. Thanks agaib
I mean there are others that probably belong to this same typology, like Szirmabesenyo or Novo-Ivanovka, but their handles have decayed.
[Image: CWdliWx.jpg]
Great research Flavius! Wink
So according to you (or rather to belt's parts), this psatha is rather late 4th rather than late 3rd/early 4th.
More like Mid 4th I'd say, about 360. The Medallion buried with him suggests 310, but that really seems unlikely since most of the fittings are from later. I wouldn't date it based on the Medallion.

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